The Power To Create - Part 3 : The You Of Tomorrow Starts Today

Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every journey needs 3 elements to make it successful; a destination, the current location, & the best possible route. Hey, even Google Map needs your input on these 3 things to work. Your life’s journey is the same. Think of yourself as moving on a one directional open road filled with forks and junctions. The route that you take will decide how soon and successful you are at arriving at your destination. Every turn that you’ve previously taken has lead you from where you once were to where you are now, and every turn that you’re about to make from now on will decide where you eventually end up. While you cannot change some wrong turns previously taken, you can make the right turns that are coming up. 

And for those who are unsure of a destination, now is the best time to discover it. Take the time to reflect and determine what is it that you want to achieve. After all, which is better, living life with a sense of purpose or living life aimlessly and without direction? I choose sense of purpose. Determine a goal for yourself and set your sails to the winds that will take you there. 

The you of tomorrow starts today. The actions you take today will play a part in your results of tomorrow. Here are a couple of action points that will help ensure you have a smooth journey while you remain on the right route:

1. Be Around Positivity

  • Do a check on the social circles you have built around you or placed yourself in. Is it a conducive one? Do the people around you inspire you to achieve more or do they instead create doubts, hurdles and barriers?  If the answer to this question is the latter, then it is high time you make the choice to place yourself in a better environment. A positive and conducive environment is one that will help you to stay focused in good times and uplift you during challenging times. It should be one that nurtures you and promotes growth. Remember, in any social circle, you either influence the others to be like you or you get influenced by others to be like them. 
  • Therefore, in order to be more positive, you must first place yourself in a positive environment. In Part 2 of “The Power To Create”, I touched on having a mindset of excellence and that making a positive change for yourself is a choice you can choose to make at any given time. Therefore, choose to be in an environment that promotes a mindset of excellence as it will ensure you remain positive.

2. Feed Your Brain With A Healthy Diet

  • We all know that we have to eat in order for our body to function well and most of us can also agree on the fact that a healthy diet is important in leading an active lifestyle as it’ll ensure the body gets the necessary nutrients needed to make it healthy, strong and energetic. Our brain is the same. In order for it to remain active and to function at optimum levels, we must feed it with a healthy diet. A healthy diet for the brain is knowledge. Whether we like it or not, the brain yearns for continuous learnings and feeding it will only make it stronger. 
  • A good source of knowledge are books and choose your book of the day wisely as there are a variety of books out there that serves different purposes. Make it a habit to read the ones that will elevate your thinking and teach you new things. The personal development section of a book store or a library is a good place to start. Invest at least 30 minutes a day everyday to feed your brain and this will be the most fruitful meal you've ever had.

We are all products of our pasts and what we do today in the present will decide on what we become in the future. Embrace the fact that the power to make a difference lies within you. Do things that are meaningful and do them right. The you of tomorrow will thank you for it. Remember, your actions of today influence your results of tomorrow. 

The you of tomorrow starts today!


Article By: 

Jitrendra Purushothaman 

NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer (ABNLP & ABH), Director of JIT & Company (Singapore)


Copyright © 2014 by Jitrendra Purushothaman. All Rights Reserved


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