Corporate Training Workshops

The success of organisations is in it's people, and quality people will produce quality results. This is the reason why organisations worldwide invest millions of dollars annually in training their people. And training programmes must go beyond solely focusing on building skills and product knowledge of your workforce; it should also equip them with the tools to transform the way they think. 20% of results is produced by skills, and 80% is produced by the psychology.

Signature Programmes


  • Ignite - a specialised programme for Sales Professionals to discover or regain their sales motivation

  • The Psychology of Selling - geared to equip Sales Professionals with proven psychological techniques to enhance communications and people relations


  • Motivating Yourself and Your People - a leadership development programme that empowers leaders the science of motivation.

  • Discover The Leader In You - designed for aspiring leaders to discover the qualities that make leaders effective.

Productivity & Personal Effectiveness

  • The Mindset Of Excellence

  • Inner Power


Areas of Training

  • Sales Psychology

  • Leadership Development

  • Productivity & Personal Effectiveness

  • Communications & People Relations

  • Emotional & Mental Mastery

  • Team-Building