A career in sales is one that is highly rewarding and lucrative, and yet it is also one that will test your mental strength, endurance, and perseverance. 

Why? Because rejections is part of the sales process and as a sales professional, you know that not every sale leads to a close and you are going to be faced with rejections from time to time! However, we are only human and when faced with high numbers of rejections, the feelings of demoralisation, dejection, and frustration will start to surface which will affect our results.

During the times low results and demoralisation, it isn't the sales skills such as pitching, negotiating, objection handling, and closing, that disappears, but instead it is the WILL to get out of bed to meet new people to get the sales done that fades away.

Highly successful sales professionals don’t just equip themselves with the skills to effectively sell but also with the knowledge to pick themselves up, create breakthroughs and move forward during times of rejections, challenges, and low results. It is the inner motivation to excel that differentiates the average salesperson from those who can rise above the competition.

Therefore, if you want be on your way towards creating breakthroughs and joining the top 10% of your industry, register for your seat now for Ignite Your Sales Motivation and learn the secrets for exponential growth in your sales career.


  1. The Correlation Between Rejections & the Perception of Failure

  2. The Influence Of Emotions & the Power of Motivation

  3. The Repetition-Rejection Paradox

  4. The Difference Between Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation

  5. The Demotivational Factors That Limit Results

  6. The PFM Self-Motivation Framework for Sales Excellence

  7. The Habits of Highly Successful Sales Professionals


  • Reinforced mental strength to excel in sales

  • Renewed focus on key activities that make sales success happen

  • Enhanced ability to bounce back from setbacks and adversity

  • Clear understanding of the drivers for confidence and self-motivation.


  • New Sales Professionals who want to develop a winning self-motivation strategy

  • Seasoned Sales Professionals who want to take their sales motivation to the next level

  • Struggling Sales Professionals who want to break out of their slump and achieve sales excellence


  • If after attending this seminar, you do not feel you have received value to create exponential growth in your sales career, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.


Ignite Your Sales Motivation is a specialised sales motivation seminar designed to create high-performing sales professionals by empowering you with tried and tested psychological techniques, as well as easy to use actionable strategies to uncover your sales motivation from within. This seminar is brought to you by Jit Puru, an author, strategist, and thought leader specialising in helping people find their inner motivation to succeed in times of challenge and perceived failure. Having spoken to thousands from all over the world on the topics of "Adapting to Change" and "Staying Motivated through Challenges to Perform at Peak", Jit is best known for his insightful and thought-provoking keynotes and his ability to authentically connect with the audience. Jit is also the author the book "You Deserve Happiness", published in 2016, and the upcoming book "Sales, Rejections & The Perception of Failure". He is a frequent contributor for various local and international publications and has been interviewed multiple times on Money FM 89.3.